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Roxi releases BNG well operations update

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Central Asian oil and gas company that focuses primarily on the Kazakhstan area, Roxi Petroleum, has shared an update regarding recent progress at its flagship BNG asset, more specifically, on its Deep Wells A5 and 801.

Deep Well A5 update

Deep Well A5 was spudded in July 2013 and drilled to a total depth of 4442 m with casing set to a depth of 4077 m to allow openhole testing. As announced on 30 June 2015, the equipment required for an openhole 30-day test had been delivered and the test was set to start following the completion of the required preparatory work. Preparatory work includes checking and testing new pipes, however, the pipes did not pass the on-site inspection and, therefore, replacement pipes have been ordered from a different supplier.

Whilst replacement pipes are to be delivered, the drilling crew were utilised to undertake sourced work to remove the pipe stuck at the bottom of the well. This process was unsuccessful and a decision to sidetrack the well from a depth of 4000 m has been taken. This work is expected to take a month to complete and upon completion of the sidetrack, casing will be set to the full depth of the well, which will allow a conventional a 90-day well test to commence at the end of 3Q15.

Comment from Roxi

Clive Carver, Chairman of Roxi, said: “While we would have much preferred to know the results from a 30-day well test before sidetracking Deep Well A5 the failure of the pipes supplied provided an opportunity to deal once and for all with the stuck pipe at the bottom of the well. Once the sidetracking has been completed we plan to start a 90-day test.”

Deep Well 801 update

Located approximately 8 km from Deep Well A5, Deep Well 801 was spudded on 15 December 2014 with a planned TD of 4950 m. The well was created to target the same structure as Deep Well A5 in the Middle and Lower Carboniferous. Sinopec, the Chinese multinational, is drilling the well at a cost of US$11 million.

On 30 June 2015, it was announced that casing had been set to a level of 4790 m and drilling had resumed, targeting Lower Permian and Middle and Lower Carboniferous oil-bearing reservoirs. The well has now been successfully drilled to a total depth of 5050 m, into Lower Carboniferous.

Samples and logging have revealed a potentially oil bearing interval starting from 4536 m and extending 100 m. The pressure and temperatures encountered indicate this well is unlikely to be connected to the reservoir targeted by Deep Well A5.

Adapted from press release by David Bizley

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