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Developing geothermal power in Rwanda

Oilfield Technology,

The Rwandan government is planning to drill three geothermal exploration shafts at a cost of US$ 20 million.

The government wants to boost its power generation from 85 MW to 1000 MW in seven years; 300 MW of the new capacity is expected to come from geothermal sources.

To pay for this ambitious expansion plan the government has secured a loan of US$ 4.5 million from the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility and a further US$ 5.3 million from the Nordic Development Fund for a renewable energy project.

“When we confirm geothermal resources in the first well, we will begin developing it for electricity generation immediately,” said Stephen Onacha, who works for the Ministry of Infrastructure. “We won’t wait to drill all the other exploration wells first.”

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