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Pump Turbomachinery Symposia Preview: G - Z

Oilfield Technology,

GE Oil & Gas - Booth #D20

GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technologies and services with 37 000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industry — from extraction to transportation to end use. The environment, health and safety, quality and integrity are the company’s highest priorities. GE Oil & Gas is partnering with customers to power the evolution of the global LNG industry. Building on 30 years of proven innovation, its products and people are at work throughout the entire value chain. From small portable solutions for transportation to full scale plants for industry, it is delivering technology and service solutions to keep your operations performing efficiently around the clock.

Graham Corp. - Booth #1314

Graham Corp. designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries and energy markets worldwide. Graham equipment is used to refine petroleum and produce chemicals, petrochemicals, electric power, processed food, pharmaceuticals, paper, steel, fertilisers, and many other products that are used every day by people around the globe.

Graham’s primary products include steam surface condensers, steam jet ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pump systems, heliflow spiral tube heat exchangers and other vacuum and heat transfer products.

Hitachi America Ltd. - Booth #1137

Hitachi, a world leader in electronics and industrial machinery, has manufactured over 3000 compressors, including 1000 sets of the centrifugal type, during the past 99 years. Its compressor clients benefit from various technological features, including in-house design automation (CAD) system, high performance and high efficiency impellers and vaned diffusers, and the recent implementation of sophisticated rotor dynamics analysis and high pressure compressor deign.

Hitachi utilises advanced technology to reduce initial and operational costs for compressor installations. It supplied the first unit to LNG service in the 1990s and rapidly became a major player in this field through its efforts in R&D, accurate project execution and well trained customer services. Hitachi’s LNG application varies widely from 0.4 tpy to 4.7 tpy and contains most compressor applications in the LNG liquefaction process, including the following:

  • MR compressor.
  • Feed gas compressor.
  • End flash gas compressor.
  • Regeneration gas compressor.
  • BOG compressor.

KnightHawk Engineering - Booth #1207

KnightHawk Engineering (KHE) is a specialty engineering company that performs consulting, field services and testing worldwide. KHE has been in business for over 23 years and has been asked to solve challenging problems in many different industries.

Just a couple of notable examples include KHE’s major work with the Deepwater Horizon explosion and tragedy that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The company also asked to assist NASA in designing liquid oxygen valves for the space shuttle program. KHE has the technical and interpersonal skills to work with different cultures and management levels around the world.

KHE is available 24/7 to respond to critical equipment failures and plant emergencies. It is a turnkey company that provides the highest level multidiscipline specialty engineering group, field services, and a metallurgical and materials lab.

L.A. Turbine Corp. - Booth #551

L.A. Turbine designs and manufactures application-specific, highly engineered turboexpanders used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation and other industrial power recovery applications. Within the LNG industry, L.A. Turbine turboexpanders are being used for boil-off gas (BOG), nitrogen refrigeration, dew point control, and for the complete removal of condensation on LPG, LNG, or ethane recovery from hydrocarbon gas stream. Turboexpander configurations range from 15 kW to 17 MW and include expander-compressor, generator, gear/generator and dyno (brake) designs able to handle speeds up to 105 000 rpm.

Now celebrating 10+ years of turboexpander design and service on five continents, L.A. Turbine is also a recognised leader in aftermarket repair, redesign, maintenance and spare part production for all OEM and non-OEM turboexpanders worldwide. A global field service team provides commissioning, maintenance and emergency support 24/7/365.

From consultation to commissioning, L.A. Turbine provides comprehensive, integrated solutions and support under one roof with all engineering design and development processes complying with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Operations include state-of-the-art equipment for design, diagnostic procedures, precision manufacturing and simulated real-time environment testing.

Global headquarters are in Valencia, California, with sales and service facilities in California, Houston and Belgium. US operations support Canada, South America, Asia and Australia. European headquarters in Belgium serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

NAES Corp. - Booth #1931

NAES is among the world’s leading providers of comprehensive services to the power generation market and is diversifying into related infrastructure markets. For over 30 years, NAES has specialised in providing services centred on safe, reliable and cost effective performance, including operations and maintenance; maintenance and construction; on-site turbine inspection/overhaul services; staffing solutions; and customised services designed to improve plant and personnel effectiveness.

NAES provides comprehensive field maintenance for the overhaul and repair of large rotating equipment within the power generation, refinery, petrochemical, and gas pipeline industries, with emphasis placed on safety, quality, timely execution, and cost savings.
NAES offers comprehensive direct hire maintenance and construction services to various industry segments including oil and gas and petrochemical. Staffed with experienced personnel and equipped to support routine and emergency full-service maintenance, NAES is capable of working a multi-disciplined team to include scopes of civil, pipe fabrication and erection, high alloy welding, boiler and furnace erection and repairs, pressure vessel fabrication and repairs, dismantling, rigging, and plant relocation.

Natole Turbine Enterprises Inc. - Booth #851

Natole Turbine Enterprises, Inc.’s (NTE) independent position, professional expertise and in-depth knowledge from over 45 years of experience provides the gas turbine industry a resource that has intimate knowledge of gas turbine (GT) manufacture, installation, overhaul, component repair processes, service and repair organisations, operation/start-up, maintenance practices, interchangeability and uprate issues.

NTE is a GT thermal block expert providing consulting on special GT component and rotor issues including repairability and sourcing. This also includes expertise in non-routine overhaul, repairs, workscopes, dimension specifications, chronologies, durability and life extension methods.
NTE can provide training on a range of subjects including: component refurbishment, operation and maintenance, etc. It also offers copyrighted technical and intellectual property in various forms.

NTE can verify/witness OEMfactory tests before shipment of new GT units. On-site Installations, assembly, alignment, component testing, performance and emissions tests can also be verified on behalf of GT owners. NTE is a reapplication specialist in the acquisition of used gas turbines including: inspection, overhaul and refurbishment issues, as well as evaluation of uprate alternatives.

NTE can support loss, insurance and litigation issues as an expert on operation, maintenance and components related to the GT thermal block. Other services in this area include repairability/serviceability, replacement costs, life assessment and failure analysis.

NUMECA - Booth #223

NUMECA International is a worldwide provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. NUMECA software is used for the simulation, design and optimisation of fluid flow and heat transfer. It is used by product developers and R&D engineers, allowing them to reach superior product quality and performances at a reduced engineering cost.

By choosing NUMECA, individuals gain access to the most advanced technology in the field of fast and accurate CFD simulation. NUMECA develops automated and customised Flow Integrated Environments (FINE™), which cover a wide range of applications, while providing feature-specific modules. Its FINE packages for turbomachinery ( FINE™/Turbo) and marine applications ( FINE™/Marine) integrate:

  • CAD modeling capabilities.
  • Advanced pre- and post-processing software.
  • Powerful flow solvers.
  • Optimisation kernels.
  • A wide range of multiphysics models.

In addition, NUMECA offers AutoMesh4G™, which encompasses NUMECA’s grid generation software for structured and unstructured full hexahedral meshes; FINE™/Design3D, with a full parametric blade modeler (AutoBlade™), which enables the design and optimisation of blades and channels of rotating machinery; and  CFView™, unique visualisation software that provides a powerful, generic, and object-oriented platform to perform all standard qualitative and quantitative 2D/3D operations and a fully-scriptable interface for automatic replay of saved screenshots on a new data set.

Rotating Machinery Services - Booth #741

Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) is an aftermarket engineering and services company located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. It performs a wide range of turbomachinery services, including; overhauls, reliability improvements, performance rerates, repairs, replacement parts, and supply of upgraded/overhauled surplus equipment. The company has experience with repowering of turbomachinery packages and have supplied custom designed equipment skids and lube oil systems. It has significant centrifugal compressor and gas turbine experience.

Its shop, RMS Power Solutions was established to supply the kind of first-class, comprehensive shop and field services to its customers that they have come to expect from RMS’engineered products. It provides a one-stop solution that will cover every aspect of a large project or handle your hottest emergency breakdown service.

Shenck Trebel Corp. - Booth #1131 - 1133

Schenck Trebel Corp. (STC) provides a complete range of balancing and vibration analysis products/equipment for the production, maintenance and repair of rotating components for industries worldwide. It also offers a complete range of service solutions for the production, maintenance and repair of any rotating component – from a fraction of a gram to over 600 000 lbs.

Nearly anything that rotates, or is supported in bearings that allow it to rotate, needs balancing to ensure quality and top performance. From the smallest rotors for dental drill instruments to large power generating turbines; all require sound balancing techniques for reliable, cost effective operation.
STC has been providing products and services that improve the quality of rotating equipment for over 125 years. It is an industry leader, supplying its customers with technology, training programmes and services for the greatest level of success.

Its engineering staff provide a broad range of experience for nearly any balancing application as the company maintains a close relationship with the balancing committees of the ISO, ANSI, SAWE, SAE, and SME to ensure the latest balancing practices and procedures are applied.

SSS Clutch Company Inc. - Booth #831

SSS automatic engaging, gear type, overrunning clutches are used in a wide range of upstream and downstream oil and gas and power generation applications. SSS clutches are used on dual driven gas pipeline compressors (reciprocating and centrifugal), dual driven propane, mixed refrigerant and or nitrogen compressors for LNG plants to automatically connect or disconnect auxiliary starter motors or steam turbines. SSS clutches are regularly used in single shaft combined cycle gas turbine generating plants to automatically connect the steam turbine when HRSG steam is available; can be used in FCC power recovery turbine driven compressors; motor driven hydrogen recycle compressors in reformer applications during catalyst change out; energy recovery expanders in purified terephthalic acid (PTA) compressors; kill gas expanders of linear low density polyethylene compressors; combined cycle compressors in gas treatment plants, etc. In addition, SSS clutches are used in main propulsion of naval ships worldwide, combined cycle, peak load generation and CHP power plants, and a myriad of auxiliaries and dual driven fans, pumps, etc.

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