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Pump Turbomachinery Symposia Preview: A - F

Oilfield Technology,

Advanced Design Technology - Booth #1618

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) is a London-based global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods, which help not only to shorten development times but also to improve performances of turbomachinery components. ADT’s TURBOdesign software suite puts designers in direct control of their aerodynamic designs and considerably shortens design times and times to market for a range of turbomachinery products. ADT also provides engineering services employing 3D inverse design methodology. The company’s clients represent some of the leading global players in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields, which have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduction in design times, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer among design teams and projects. ADT’s US based affiliate is TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. (TDT). TDT sells the TURBOdesign Suite of 3D inverse design and analysis software, while providing turbomachinery engineering support services throughout the US.

Alemite - Booth #259

For over 90 years, Alemite has been a leading worldwide provider of lubrication and fluid handling tools, systems and equipment that meet the needs of a broad range of applications. Products include oil mist systems (the most notable of which is Carbon Shield), fluid management controls, pumps, reels, meters, fittings and grease guns (battery-operated and manual). The company has a worldwide distribution network that provides access to its products in most major industrial markets. In addition, Alemite has knowledgeable personnel in sales, technical support and customer service to support those products. Product innovation and continuous improvement are a priority for the company and drive its work on a daily basis. Alemite is attentive to the market needs, often taking input from both end users and distributors to develop new products or improve existing ones.

Brush Turbogenerators Inc. - Booth #1663

<>Brush is an original equipment supplier of steam and gas turbine driven electrical generators equipment for industrial, utility and process applications on and offshore. Direct air – TEAAC (air to air) and TEWAC cooling is available in most powers. Brush has supplied numerous design solutions with special features required for petrochemical, waste to energy, biomass, geothermal and concentrated solar electric power applications.The range of products built is generally rated 10 MW to 800 MW, including:
  • Salient 4 pole generators for geared turbines 5 to 50 MW.
  • Turbo type direct coupled 2 pole generators and motors rated 10 – 230 MW.
  • Water and hydrogen cooled 2 pole turbogenerators rated 150 – 1000 MW
  • MAX type synchronous 2 pole motors for large compressor duty rated 20 – 230 MW.
  • Brush excitation control products provide state-of-the-art monitoring and protection of the generator support system.
  • Dedicated electrical Power Management systems for critical power systems including fast acting load shed and dynamic generator set management

Brush provides generator and control installation and commissioning, and operational aftermarket support services worldwide. Its manufacturing plants are in the UK, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Burckhardt Compression Inc. - Booth #215

Burckhardt Compression is one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors and the only manufacturer that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies. Its customised compressor systems are used in the upstream oil and gas, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical, petrochemical and industrial gas sectors. Burckhardt Compression’s leading technology, high-quality compressor components and full range of services help customers to minimise the life cycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems around the world.The Laby® Compressors are for BOG handling in LNG receiving terminals and other cryogenic applications. The unique labyrinth sealing system allows oil-free and contact-less compression of LNG BOG at suction temperatures down to minus -170 °C without gas pre-heating at start-up. The fully balanced Laby®-GI Compressors is designed to supply the Dual Fuel ME-GI engines for LNG carriers with fuel gas. Further, they are used for FSRU, LNG/LPG FPSO and LNG RV. No vibrations occur due to full balancing.

To ensure utmost reliability, performance and maximum cost benefit, the company assists its customers throughout the entire life cycle of a reciprocating compressor, regardless of brand.

CEROBEAR GmbH - Booth #241

CEROBEAR manufactures custom engineered, highly reliable, high performance, long life rolling bearings using advanced materials, especially advanced ceramic rolling elements for the most extreme and challenging operating conditions. CEROBEAR’s name derives from: CEramic ROlling BEARings. The company makes both roller and/or ball bearings of all types and combinations to specifically serve application needs. The main focus is to integrate a mechanical solution into a system without constraint of catalogue designs to meet any challenge including, but not limited to: high temperature, low temperature, poor lubrication, no lubrication, high load, corrosion, high speed, etc. CEROBEAR is the only bearing company that makes its own silicon nitride rollers of all shapes and sizes with properly engineered bearing surfaces.  This allows the company the freedom to design with both ball and roller bearings to address a wide range of extreme operating condition applications. CEROBEAR’s manufacturing processes are highly advanced and flexible, allowing for complexity with high precision and  fast delivery speed. Typical delivery time is about 8 – 16 weeks from a final print for a first order and shorter thereafter.  CEROBEAR serves the highest end of each market segment served, including all types of fluid machinery in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, turbomachinery, and pump industries.

Continuous Control Solutions - Booth #439

Continuous Control Solutions (CCS) provides the next generation of control technology and solutions inclusive of design, implementation and commissioning of control systems for industrial turbomachinery control applications. CCS provides control solutions to the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy and power generation industries worldwide. As a testament to its advanced control algorithms and the individuality of its control systems, CCS holds patents for dual-loop (dP- and Rc-based) surge prevention control (for compressors) and dynamic optimisation of machines.

CCS turbomachinery control solutions are implemented on a variety of hardware platforms including Allen Bradley ControlLogix, Honeywell C300, Yokogawa Stardom, Siemens S7, ABB AC800M and Emerson DeltaV. Due to its excellence and proven advanced technology, CCS has partnered with global DCS giants such as Honeywell and Yokogawa to offer compressor and turbine control solutions integrated seamlessly with existing DCS at site.
With the nature of turbomachinery control systems changing over time and customers leaning more towards open systems and integrated solutions rather than traditional, proprietary black-box controls, CCS is teaming up with the leading DCS providers and compressor and turbine OEMs worldwide to offer hardware-independent turbomachinery control solutions.

Denmar Pump Services Inc. - Booth #1548

Denmar Pump Services strives to be the leading provider of design, repair and service, by offering consistent and reliable solutions in conjunction with high quality products and extensive knowledge in the industry. With a combined experience of over 100 years, the company specialises in the heavy iron industry with capabilities that extend to comprehensive small pump cell repairs, without limitation due to size, horsepower, type, or manufacturer. Its services go beyond the initial root cause failure analysis to provide pump solutions that will lower the total cost of ownership through its experience and reputation of providing recognisable repairs that promote increased efficiency and longevity. The company’s engineering department allows it to provide long-term solutions as well as replacement parts that can be applied to further extend equipment life, minimise maintenance costs and maximise energy efficiency. Industries served include power generation, wastewater treatment, refinery and terminal, food and beverage, commercial and light industrial, and HVAC. Denmar Pump Services also ensures that its employees’ safety, professionalism and training are superior, with its performance assessed by its customers’ satisfaction.

Dresser-Rand - Booth #737

Dresser-Rand is among the largest suppliers of custom-engineered rotating equipment solutions for long-life, critical applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, and process industries. The company has been involved with the world’s leading LNG producers since the technology was first introduced. As interest in LNG has expanded, companies recognise the added benefits of Dresser-Rand advanced technologies provided by the DATUM® product line. Innovations in the Dresser-Rand high-efficiency DATUM line of centrifugal compressors have supported significant advancements in natural gas recovery and transport. Dresser-Rand innovations in compression technology, rotor dynamics, head capacity, and efficiency per compression section provide incremental production gains. In addition, other innovations in compressors for LNG applications can help maximise production by reducing the number and duration of maintenance shutdowns.

The DATUM compressor can be liquid tolerant. A liquid separation stage can be provided in the DATUM casing, avoiding the expense and space required to install the separator on the suction line of the compressor.

DATUM compressors are designed for maximum performance in all pressure and flow applications in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries, and offer efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance for gas gathering, liquid recovery, gas lift, gas injection, pipeline boosters, gas storage, recompression, and reinjection. Dresser-Rand was recently selected to supply four DATUM compression units for a US export FLNG terminal.

FMC Technologies Inc. - Booth #1201

FMC Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. Named by Fortune® magazine as the World’s Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment, Service Company in 2012, the company has approximately 18 400 employees and operates 30 production facilities in 16 countries. FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products, such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry. Direct Drive Systems, a business unit of FMC Technologies, is a global leader in the production of high-speed, high-power synchronous motors and generators utilising permanent magnet technology. Operating up to 23 000 RPM with power levels up to 16 000 HP, Direct Drive Systems machines couple directly to loads without gearboxes, increasing efficiency while reducing size, weight, and capital/operating costs. Its drive systems provide efficient and cost effective compression, pumping, and generation solutions for pipeline, offshore platform, and subsea applications in the oil and gas and process industries. Direct Drive Systems also manufactures magnetic bearings that make oil-free turbomachinery applications possible.

FS-Elliott LLC - Booth #1539

FS-Elliott is a leading manufacturer of integrally geared centrifugal air and gas compressors with sales, service, and manufacturing locations around the world. First introduced to the market nearly 50 years ago, its energy efficient machines incorporate the latest aerodynamic and control system technologies to ensure optimum performance.Oil-free designs are the trademark of its equipment. FS-Elliott delivers 100% oil-free air for purity that meets exacting standards including ISO 8573-1, Class 0. FS-Elliott’s long-established and globally recognised PAP Plus® brand compressors target applications requiring customised configurations, while its Polaris® compressor product line is designed for industrial applications. Thousands of FS-Elliott compressors are operating worldwide in a variety of markets and applications.

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