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Magnum Oil Tools and CONSOL Energy bring the MVP to the Utica

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Magnum Oil Tools has announced the successful deployment of 20 Magnum Vanishing Plugs™ (MVP) in the Utica for CONSOL Energy, a leading operator headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The MVP is a wellbore isolation tool designed to reduce time to production.

“The MVP was chosen for this job because the plug aligns with CONSOL’s focus on increasing operational efficiency while lowering risk exposure post-frac,” remarked Craig Neal, VP of Operations, CONSOL Energy.

“The downhole temperature environment we had with our well was well-suited to the design of these plugs. Operationally, CONSOL had no issues setting the plug or with plug slippage during the frac,” continued Neal.

“The Magnum Vanishing Plug has more runs than all of its competitors combined. The technology has been proven in wells all over the world. We are excited to be working with a leading operator like CONSOL in the emerging deep Utica,” stated Garrett Frazier, Director of Sales and Marketing, Magnum Oil Tools.

The first MVP was set at a measured depth of 19 863 ft with a static BHT of 230°F. The subsequent MVP were set 200 ft apart with no presets and held pressure during frac operations without issue. All 20 MVP were run in conjunction with a Magnum Hot Rod™, which gave CONSOL a stage-by-stage snapshot of wellbore pressure and temperature conditions.

Before the well was put on production, CONSOL initiated a cleanout run to see what was left of the MVP. All MVP had dissolved, as predicted. The well is now on production with an initial 24 hour flow test of 61.9 million ft3 per day at an average flowing casing pressure of 8312 psi.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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