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10 well appraisal programme begins in South Australia

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Cooper Energy has announced a 10 well appraisal programme by the PEL 92 joint venture (JV) commenced with the spudding of Callawonga-22 on 5 November 2019.

Callawonga-22 is the first of 4 appraisal wells to be drilled at the Callawonga oilfield, to be followed by 4 wells at the Butlers oilfield and 2 wells at the Rincon oilfield. Like the successful Parsons campaign which preceded it, this appraisal campaign is designed to test field limits.

Cooper Energy has a 25% interest in the JV with the balance held by the Operator, Beach Energy.

The Callawonga wells will be deviated from 2 surface locations, targeting the Namur Sandstone which is the primary producing reservoir in the field. The overlying McKinlay Sands are a secondary objective.

The 4 wells to be drilled at Callawonga are:

  • Callawonga-19, located approximately 500 m east of Callawonga-12, which will test extension of the north-eastern field boundary. Total depth is prognosed at 1381 m MDRT (measured depth below rotary table). Callawonga-19 will be drilled from a common pad following Callawonga-22.
  • Callawonga-20, located approximately 600 m north east of Callawonga-4, which will test the eastern field boundary. Total depth is prognosed at 1540 m MDRT.
  • Callawonga-21, located approximately 500 m south of Callawonga-4, which will the south-eastern field boundary. Total depth is prognosed at 1476 TD m MDRT.
  • Callawonga-22, located approximately 500 m north of Callawonga-3, which will test a possible field extension to the north. Total depth is prognosed at 1497 m MDRT.

Callawonga is connected via the PEL 92 pipeline into the Lycium Hub facility. The appraisal wells will enable development locations to be selected for future field development. Successful wells in the current program may also be completed and connected as future producers.

Each well in the programme is expected to take approximately 1 week. Results from the Callawonga wells will be announced to the ASX on completion of this phase of the programme.

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