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DEC's allowance of LNG operations in New York State applauded

Oilfield Technology,

Chairman of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, Senator George Maziarz, welcomed the Department of Environmental Conservations’ (DEC) recent proposal of regulations to permit the construction and operation of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.

Maziarz said: “I congratulate Commissioner Martens and Governor Cuomo for taking this common sense step to allow the DEC to permit LNG facilities in New York State. I carried and passed two bills through the Senate earlier this year (S1119-A and S5846-A) that would have allowed a similar process to occur with the force of statute. While this is a positive step, the Legislature still has more work to do, if we are to truly realise the full benefits of LNG. Currently, a de-facto moratorium on the intrastate transportation of LNG exists in New York State. I will work to repeal this harmful regulation next year, and I call on the New York State Assembly to stop blocking this much needed reform.”

Preferred fuel

Because of its cost-efficiency and environmental advantages, whereby risk to the environment is significantly lower than other forms of energy, LNG is quickly becoming a favored fuel for fleet vehicles, as part of the NGVs movement. Companies switching from diesel to natural gas can expect to save between US$ 1 – 3/g on fuel costs.

Stewards for the environment

Maziarz stressed that storage, use and transportation of LNG could benefit businesses whilst enabling them to “act as responsible environmental stewards”.

He said: “We can’t miss that chance because a few extremist environmental groups want to oppose any policy change that mentions the term “natural gas.” I look forward to working with Commissioner Martens, Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the legislature to ensure that common sense trumps base politics on this important issue.”

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