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US methane emissions show substantial decrease

Oilfield Technology,

According to a recent report by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), industry in the country is substantially reducing methane emissions from oil and natural gas production and is expected to continue reducing emissions.

American Petroleum Institute Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Howard Feldman said US oil and gas companies are leading the charge to reduce emissions by making investments in new technology developed by the industry.

“We’re proud to see our industry’s efforts demonstrated in EPA data that show emissions are far lower than EPA projected just a few years ago, even as US production has surged”, Feldman said. “Creating good paying jobs and growing the economy go hand in hand with our efforts to reduce emissions both voluntarily and in compliance with EPA emissions standards that take effect in January”.

According to the EPA, reported methane emissions from the petroleum and natural gas systems sector have decreased by 12% since 2011, with the largest reductions coming from hydraulically fractured natural gas wells, which have decreased by 73% during that period.

Feldman said: “Thanks in large part to innovations like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, America is leading the world in producing natural gas an reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Industry will continue to be a leader in environmental stewardship as it maintains our country’s leadership position as the top producer of natural gas”.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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