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Drill rigs move into Kokopelli project

Oilfield Technology,

Brownstone Energy Inc. has been advised by its joint venture partners that development operations for 2014 are underway at the Kokopelli project.

Drill pad preparations have been completed, including gas connections and accommodations for drilling, equipping and utility of a water disposal well, aimed at economising the existing water disposal arrangements.

Furthermore, a Peter Martin 'conductor' rig is engaged to complete the 'rat holes' with 20-in. casing for eight new production wells and the one water disposal well prior to the Frontier-28 rig moving in for sequential total depth drilling operations in mid-September.

The 2014 drill program will focus on developing new production from the liquids-rich Williams Fork formation (based at approximately 8400 ft) and testing for production from the Mancos reservoir, in particular, the commerciality of deep Niobrara strata (estimated to base at approximately 12,750 ft).

Brownstone is carried for 10% of the first US$ 16 million in expenditures to maintain its 10% working interest in the Kokopelli Project. The final project budget is anticipated to be completed soon.

The drilling will test the high pressure, rich Niobrara strata of the Mancos.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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