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Logan International Inc

Logan manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of quality fishing and intervention tools, including retrieving, stroking, and remedial tools, and power swivels for a variety of well workover, intervention, drilling, and completion activities (Logan Oil Tools, Inc.); manufactures and sells high-performance poly-crystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters and bearings (Dennis Tool Company); manufactures and sells packers, bridge plugs, and other completion products (Kline Oilfield Equipment, Inc.); provides proprietary multi-zonal completion technology and conventional completion production products and services (Logan Completion Systems Inc.); provides proprietary and patented products and services that are focused on production optimization in sand-laden, heavy oil wells (Logan Scope); and provides proprietary tools that enhance the effectiveness of horizontal drilling (Logan Xtend).

Based in Calgary, Canada, and Houston, Texas, Logan International Inc. employs over 658 people worldwide.