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GE roadshows: improving profitability with industrial big data

Oilfield Technology,

Later this month, GE will launch a new roadshow series across Europe, named ‘Predict for Profit’.

During the roadshows in London, Paris and Milan, GE’s Intelligent Platforms business will present advanced solutions that allow customers to transform the industrial internet into reality, and to gain valuable insights from their industrial big data generated by processes and machines.

Big data sets with no actual value for the enterprise can be transformed into real insights that customers can catch at the right time, and when the correct information is needed for decision makers.

The industrial internet is a key strategy for GE: the need to combine machines, data, insights and people together in a connected infrastructure, a network that can be accessed by all operators regardless of geographical position of devices and plants.

Every machine generates data that can be captured with the right devices and applications: these data can be represented through metrics along a time gap. The correct analysis and understanding of these data allow to anticipate faults before they happen, and then to plan corrective actions in advance.

The main benefit of predictive analysis is overall cost reduction, or even cost avoidance, and profit increase, thanks to scheduled maintenance and leaner and more optimised operations.

‘Predict for Profit’ is a valuable opportunity for users that want to learn real application stories of companies that gained competitive advantage from GE Solutions. It is specific for professionals that want to know how to leverage the big data asset that each enterprise already owns.

Key insights are hidden in the data storage that can be extracted only with specific, user friendly and easy-to-implement solutions.

During these roadshows, GE will show how-to, and make solutions experts available from different geographical regions to prove attendants how it is possible to generate a real technology revolution in the industry.

The roadshow appointments will take place on the following dates:

  • London – 27 January
  • Paris – 28 January
  • Milan – 29 January

To sign up for one of the roadshows, please click here.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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