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ebb3 launches 3D visualisation technology

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ebb3, in partnership with Cisco, NVIDIA, NetApp, APC, Microsoft and Citrix, has launched the High Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC).

The HPVC provides cloud-based extreme performance for 3D graphics and data intensive workloads for oil and gas professionals.

The 3D visualisation technology offers users the ability to work and collaborate over long distances and on any device without the time delays and performance issues experienced by workstation users.

Multinational petroleum companies further benefit from greater security, cost and energy efficiencies than physical workstations can provide.

While virtual desk infrastructures (VDIs) have been on the market for a number of years, ebb3’s new solution offers an unrivalled hybrid cloud based 4k resolution solution for 3D visualisation.

The HPVC is not only a market first, but it also boasts the highest specifications of any VDI available. It is compatible with any device, and extends 3D visualisation to engineers, geoscientists and other workers wherever they happen to be.

Physical workstations pose significant challenges, and year on year sales fell by 1% in the first quarter of 2016, while demand for virtual workstation technology is growing significantly. VDI sales are forecast to rise by 27.35% by 2020.  

Jane Hodson, Subsurface Technologist and Data Management Consultant for Decomm Data LTD. tested ebb3’s HPVC prior to the launch. She comments:

“What seems to have not kept up with this technology are the actual workstations. ebb3 is leading the way in how we should be implementing remote working in the subsurface domain.”

The partnership with NVIDIA, the global leader in graphics processing units, has made the HPVC possible. Securing this key position as one of NVIDIA’s first UK partners has afforded ebb3 the opportunity to offer a high-tech innovation that is now commercially demonstrable.

IT professionals from a number of the world’s leading multinational oil and gas corporations recently attended the first demonstration of ebb3’s HPVC and were impressed by the flexibility, speed and stability of the technology.

Andy Bowker, executive founder of ebb3, is driving forward the company’s offering: “ebb3 is providing a technological first. The industry professionals who attended the demonstration were awestruck; they had never seen anything like it before. We have seen strong interest generated already and we are close to announcing our first major sale.”

The HPVC was developed after founder Andy Bowker and his co-founders Ben Jones, Mark Vickers, Simon Cottrell, Paul Williams and Chris Brassington identified multiple challenges faced by oil and gas companies using 3D visualisation applications.

Their initial work developed an oil and gas application that inspired significant interest, investment and support from Cisco. Two years’ further research and testing, with Cisco’s support, has led to a solution that outperforms traditional workstations.

Andy and what became known as the “A Team” all have experience as technology innovators and entrepreneurs stretching back over 20 years. Collectively, they have held senior positions at Cisco, HP, BT, NCR and Cap Gemini, and have worked on infrastructure projects for The London Olympics.

Andy Bowker comments: “We all share technology backgrounds, but we each bring a range of complementary skills. We have known each other for a number of years, so a strong and focused team is in place. It’s a strength we will harness to continually improve the HPVC offering.”  

“Within 3 years we believe the HPVC can be the leading solution in the oil and gas industry and within 5 years we are determined to make it the dominant choice.”

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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