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Build or Buy? When It Comes to Software, Buy Might Be the Right Choice for You

Every growing business reaches the point where it seeks a streamlined solution to handle its corporate data, whether it is related to worker health & safety, environment and sustainability, or quality. Inevitably, the classic question arises: do we build our own solution, or do we turn to an established software vendor?

Companies often attempt to build a solution internally, but the results are frequently problematic, often quite costly and sometimes downright disastrous. According to a group of experts who help companies design and build custom software solutions, the cost of custom enterprise software projects falls somewhere between US$75 000 and US$750 000 for design, development and implementation.

According to research from The Standish Group, US businesses spend nearly US$300 billion annually trying to develop in-house solutions, but only 25% of projects succeed, nearly 50% are highly challenged, and 25% fail outright.

This Insight Report, ‘Build or Buy? When It Comes to Software, Buy Might Be the Right Choice for You’, explains why purchasing trusted, proven solutions is the better option and outlines several key benefits:

  • Significant savings in time and costs.
  • Smooth deployments.
  • More effective resource management.
  • Improved efficiency.

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