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Special reports


Oil falls as market corrects boosted price levels

Oil prices declined today as the market is correcting the exaggerated price levels reached in yesterday’s session. Meanwhile, Covid-19 demand concerns and US supply return.


Reframing the debate

Dan Munro, owner and CEO of PJ Valves, explains why the industry should be talking about how to improve exploration and production.


Industry ingenuity and care in a crisis

Joanna Mainguy, Energy Industry Solution Manager for EMEA at Microsoft, and Sak Nayagam, Global Marketing Director,, look at the benefits of a more collaborative approach to the digital transformation business by bringing energy technology expertise together with solutions that optimise productivity and accelerate the industry transition.


Oil prices continue to fall

Oil prices are continuing to fall, with most concerns focusing on the US, where Covid-19 isn’t slowing down and road fuel demand trembles.


Oil prices feel the delayed summer blues

Oil prices continued their decline on Monday, as the market is growing less and less confident that oil demand will recover as quickly as it hoped.


Oil declines on demand concerns, Iraq's compliance

Oil prices declined today as the market finally prices in the underlying uncertainty over the oil demand’s recovery, Iraq’s cuts compliance and the additional effect of Covid-19 on the economy as a whole.


Combatting brine crystallisation

Samy Helmy, TETRA Technologies, USA, reviews a series of high density, solids-free completion fluids designed for environmentally sensitive wells.


Oil eases on Covid-19 concerns after an unsurprising OPEC meeting

Oil prices edged down today as, while Covid-19 infections continue to multiply, the market did not receive any bullish surprise from the OPEC+ meeting, while it realised non-compliant members still had way to go to compensate for their overproduction.