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September 2021

The September issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on catalyst technology, plant maintenance, sulfur, advanced analytics and much more. Our regional report looks at the latest developments on the US Gulf Coast.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Magma Catalysts.

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No smooth sailing on the Gulf Coast
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains how producers on the US Gulf Coast are navigating a maze of obstacles.

Thriving in the new reality
Nick Flinn, Shell Catalysts & Technologies, UK, explains how the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic offers opportunities for refineries.

Optimum flow technology
Tom Ventham, Unicat B.V. & G. W. Aru, LLC, looks at how to unlock SMR catalyst reformer profitability, with uniform tube packing and improved flow patterns.

An alternative route
Ghith Al Shaal, Christoph Hauber, Ioan-Teodor Trotus, and Fabian Schneider, hte GmbH, Germany, explore the utilisation of pyrolysis oils in the production of fuels and chemicals.

Emissions catalyst cleaning – no need to wait for a turnaround
Steve Houghton, Groome Industrial Service Group, USA, explains how online catalyst cleaning can deliver a higher return on investment than traditional cleaning.

The carbon negatives
Bradford Cook, Sabin Metal Corp., USA, looks at the impact of increasing carbon and coke in spent precious metals catalysts.

The case for controlling sulfur impurities
William K. Rouleau, Merichem Company, USA, discusses the need for controlling sulfur impurities in order to prevent contamination and improve the efficiency of end user products.

Easing the flow
James Wood and Sergio Treviño, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), USA, introduce a midstream heavy crude oil processing technique for cost-effective pipeline transportation.

Leaks: a costly problem
Michael Strobel, Swagelok Company, USA, identifies common causes and costs of fluid system leaks, and outlines methods to prevent them.

Financially optimised maintenance
Jason Apps, ARMS Reliability, Australia, describes an agile, RCM-based approach to developing optimal maintenance plans.

Accelerating production insights
John Cox, Seeq, explains why advanced analytics provides the specialised functionality required to accelerate insights when working with time series data.

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