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Drilling & production - 19 December 2017

Aker BP investing in technology for increased recovery

Aker BP has invested in and acquired a 17 % stake in the company Fishbones AS. Fishbones is an unconventional stimulation technology applied to increase the production rates in tight reservoirs.


Otto Energy: SM 71 update - drilling ahead

SM 71 F2 drilling ahead at 4895 ft MD after setting 10 3/4 in. surface casing at 3685 ft MD. Drilling is proceeding according to plan and the well will reach TD prior to the end of December.


US leads the top ten countries by crude reserves, says GlobalData

Unconventional oil reserves across the top ten countries stand at 9.2% (45.8 billion barrels), oil sands reserves stand at 6.7% (33.3 billion barrels), and heavy oil represents 4.5% (22.2 billion barrels) of all remaining reserves.