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EMGS acquires and processes high-quality marine controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) data. The company then helps customers to increase their exploration success through modelling, integrating and interpreting these data.

In 2002, EMGS was the first company to successfully apply marine CSEM technology to the search for hydrocarbons. Since then, EMGS has successfully commercialised the technology and turned it into an effective, environmentally benign exploration method that, when used correctly, can significantly increase drilling success rates.

Measuring wellbore resistivity has been a fundamental formation evaluation tool since the 1920s. Marine CSEM surveying uses the same principles to map resistive bodies, such as commercial-scale hydrocarbon reservoirs, from the seabed. This makes it a perfect partner for seismic techniques, which provide structural information. Together, and with other subsurface information, these methods form a powerful set of exploration tools.