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EPI Group

EPI is an independent, highly experienced and skilled seismic and HSSE QC/QA consultancy to the energy industry with a variety of specialist skills for land, marine and TZ Quality Control.

As an international consultancy, the company works globally providing clients with project reassurance, safeguarding their interests; this has enabled it to retain a mutually loyal and increasing client base.

EPI specialises in the latest advanced technology and offers QC solutions for technically-challenging operations such as 2D, 3D 4D, WATS, OBC/OBS, complex TZ operations, node surveys, CSEM and land operations (be those desert, swamp, jungle, urban or arctic). The company's experience includes:

  • Arctic exploration
  • 4D Reservoir monitoring
  • Carbon capture & storage
  • Frontier exploration
  • OBC/OBS technologies
  • Wireless & node technology
  • Unconventional resources

EPI offers a fully bespoke service and covers all aspects of project design, parameter and source optimisation, crew mentoring, start-ups, technical assurance, HSSE QC support and seismic data processing.