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Bluetick Inc

Bluetick provides innovative solutions to the upstream oil and gas marketplace. The company's vision is to provide practical solutions that deliver measurable value and return on investment.

The company employs the most talented engineers and software developers to architect, build and support dependable systems. Its flagship applications, the Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system and the Land Management System (LMS), demonstrate how effectively the company has implemented this vision.

The Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system is an innovative digital oilfield solution which connects you directly to your wells, compressors, tanks, environmental monitors, flow meters, and other field assets. That information is readily available on your desktop, mobile phone, or both. The RMC system seamlessly gathers data from sensors, transducers, and field equipment, transports that data to its Network Operations Centre, then securely stores and distributes it to operator staff for engineering analysis and immediate follow up of alarms. By implementing RMC, operators are increasing oil and gas production, improving workforce management, and enhancing environmental safeguards.

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) was designed with input from leading operators, brokers and landmen from across the industry. LMS is a full-featured land management system with integrated GIS mapping. LMS utilises the best available security features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all land data. The company can also readily interface LMS to accounting systems and other management systems. By implementing LMS, customers are reducing project time and costs while improving data accuracy and security.