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Digital oilfield


New Emerson Monitoring and Diagnostics Centre

Sweden-based facility provides Connected Services to customers in the region, including remote expert analysis of critical plant data for better maintenance planning, reduced downtime and improved efficiency.


Lone Star Analysis partners with Wipro

Lone Star provides data analysis software and services which enables users to make quicker and more effective decisions based on accessible data.


What's the drill?

Simulation training as a precursor for safety and sustainability in the oil and gas industry.


Digitalisation Roundtable

Scott Lehmann, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at Petrotechnics; Dr. Mat Malladi, President of Global Business Development at Reliance; Janette Marx, Chief Executive Officer at Airswift; and Richard Ward, Senior Manager for Data Science and Digital in Oil & Gas at McKinsey Energy Insights discuss digitalisation within the oil and gas sector.


LMKR & DeepData announce global partnership

LMKR and DeepData have announced an exclusive partnership that aims to boost well production and reduce costs with a cloud-based solution for engineered completions that leverages rich geologic and petrologic information.