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June 2016

The June issue of Oilfield Technology begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in South America. Key technical features in this issue include Drill Bits, Directional Drilling, and Completions. The issue also contains features on Multi-Client Seismic, Unconventional Production Technologies, EOR/IOR, Well Intervention, Deepwater Technology, Recruitment, and more.

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World news

Rising stars in Latin America
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, demonstrates that while low oil prices are putting many Latin American countries through the ringer, others are thriving.

Geophsyical sampling solutions
Marc Rocke, Polarcus, USA, reveals how sampling and survey efficiency has been improved through condensed shotpoint intervals, multiple sources, and removal of interfering shot energy in processing.

The evolution of hybrids
Alex Wong, Shear Bits, Canada, highlights how new drill bit technology is improving wellbore economics.

Master your terrain
Alexis Garcia, Brad Ivie and Andrew Miller, NOV, USA, introduce a new generation of PDC bits.

Refining bits for RSS
Aron Deen, Matt Case and Josh Criswell, Ulterra, highlight how customised bit development for RSS reduces tool failure.

Drilling with diamonds
Bruno Cuillier, Aurelien Mangeny, Brad Takenaka and Danny Tilleman, Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits, evaluate the performance of application-specific diamond impregnated bit designs in challenging drilling conditions.

Keeping it central
Iain Levie, Antelope Oil Tools, USA, introduces a cost-effective solution for use in deepwater drilling.

Multilateral thinking
Brian K Sidle, discusses developments in production logging tools for use in multilaterals.

Restoring well productivity
Paul W. Bradley and Tom Sherwin, Well Flow International, Bahrain, explain how high density converters remove barite and scale to restore well productivity.

Parent well modelling
Bilu V. Cherian, Sanjel Corporation, Mathew Mcleary and Samuel Fluckiger, SM Energy, dicuss challanges of in-fill development.

Cutting chemcial costs
Paul Wiseman, Bosque Systems, USA, shows how unbundling chemicals from the frack package gives producers more control and reduces costs.

Maximising production and asset life
Dr. David Horsup and Dr. Caleb Clark, Nalco Champion, USA, introduce a multi-functional technology designed to maximise water injectivity and oil production whilst extending asset integrity.

Advancing metocean data
Jerome Cuny, Open Ocean, France, highlights the uses for sophisticated metocean forecasting and hindcasting in offshore oil and gas operations.

Tailoring training
Mark Bentley, AGR TRACS Training, UK, gives an insight into what to do when business dries up at home.

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