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EAGE Annual Conference Online

EAGE Annual Conference Online

08 December 2020 - 11 December 2020


This December EAGE is bringing you a very special event for our community of geoscientists and engineers: the EAGE 2020 Annual Online Conference on 8-11 December.

After all the Covid-19 uncertainty, we are introducing a unique online experience. We hope that the programme we are developing will meet members’ expectations with an opportunity for the productive knowledge exchange and networking in all our disciplines that was not possible in June because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We intend this online gathering to offer a bridge to next year’s Annual Conference and Exhibition now planned for Amsterdam on 14-17 June 2021 assuming health and safety issues have been resolved by then.

A key element will be the Technical Programme, details of which are still to be finalised. In essence, presenters who were expecting to contribute to the June 2020 Annual Meeting will have the option to either present their papers online in December or wait until next June and present in person. The duration of the Technical Programme sessions will be determined by the choice of presenters, and may extend over a number of days. We want to meet everyone’s needs so far as it is possible.

In addition, we are planning a separate unique and exciting range of activities to complement the Technical Programme proceedings. This is where we will incorporate some of our traditional ‘Annual’ activities such as the student programme and executive forums. But we also see this as a chance for our Community to come together to discuss major global issues impacting the geosciences, the shape of EAGE going forward, along with some new features made possible by online communication. Expect some surprises …

We are excited about the possibilities for this special event in December and ask you to be patient as we work out the details. You can expect frequent announcements on our website, by email, on the EAGE website, and via social media. Be sure to follow us!