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6th Well Site Facilities Onshore Summit 2019

6th Well Site Facilities Onshore Summit 2019

17 September 2019 - 19 September 2019


With a notable uptake in the development of new projects and expansion of existing facilities the focus is still focussed on innovation and cost savings, as operators look to get projects off the ground sooner in order to start making money quickly. Operators aim to achieve this by applying new age modular design concepts to build out facilities faster, implement automated systems to improve remote control and surveillance and integrate state of the art emission control technologies to remain in compliance.

With these critical challenges identified for 2019 through extensive research and 20+ hours of learning and discussions with operators, American Business Conferences Flagship Facilities Management; the highly-anticipated 6th Annual New Technologies For Lower Cost, More Efficient On Shore Well Site Facilities 2019 congress returns to Houston this September.

With brand new event features and improvements built in over three full days, this year's agenda focuses on the ultimate goal of growing without increasing cost, while achieving a smaller footprint – meaning increased capital benefit, reduced processing footprint, reduction in labor time, improvement in safety – and covers the full breath of best practices to take a project from strategy to full development mode.