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2018 North America Natural Gas & NGL Forum

2018 North America Natural Gas & NGL Forum

13 February 2018 - 13 February 2018


ADI Analytics hosted its first North America Natural Gas and NGL forum in Houston late February 2017. The forum was well-attended with representatives from a wide range of companies including integrated oil and gas majors, refiners, E&P independents, industrial gas suppliers, equipment providers, technology licensors, investors and media outlets.

The forum featured several presentations by ADI analysts and panel sessions featuring external speakers and industry experts. The presentations highlighted key demand drivers, supply outlook, pricing forecasts, strategic implications, investment opportunities, and regulatory concerns around natural gas and NGLs. The panel sessions built off of the presentations and featured in-depth discussions focusing on small and mid scale LNG, natural gas conversion to fuels, and new innovations including the Industrial Internet of Things.

ADI is now looking forward to hosting its second annual conference in February 2018: the '2018 North America Natural Gas & NGL Forum'.


  • Oil and gas producers
  • Midstream players
  • Refiners and fuel producers
  • Natural gas buyers
  • Electric utilities
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Technology licensors
  • Investors


  • Gain a clear view of where North American gas and NGLs will go
  • Gather actionable insights from ADI’s deep research and analytics
  • Attend tutorial on gas and NGL conversion, use, and monetisation
  • Network with gas and NGL leaders for market pulse and pain points
  • Shape strategy, price outlook, energy purchases, investments and growth